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Girl Scout Tips for Fall Product Program Success!

The Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Program begins Saturday September 11!

During the Fall Product program, Girl Scouts create their own online storefront through the M2 platform – or they can share an order card with family and friends – and sell nuts, candies and magazines. Girls learn to set goals and market their business, earning rewards and Cookie Credits. Troops earn $1.05 per nut and candy item sold, and 13% of magazine sales. Troop proceeds can be used to offset the cost of troop outings, camp outs or other activities, community service or take action projects, or troop supplies and badges.

We asked Girl Scouts participating in last year’s Fall Product Program what they liked about it and to share their pro tips for success. Here’s what they had to say:

Do you like creating an avatar that looks like you?

I love creating an avatar that looks like me! I also like recording a message. — Clemmer, Highlands Ranch

What tips for success would you share with girls who are participating for the first time?

Design your avatar so that it looks like you and reflects your personality. Also, be sure to record your message; it’s really cool to watch your avatar say it. And make sure you know all about your products. And, always, always, always have fun with it. — McKenzie, Grand Junction

You should always load a video and ask ALL your friends and family.  — Clemmer, Highlands Ranch

Send the website (link) to your friends and family early in the season, so you give them plenty of time to get back to you. — Bianca, Denver

What has your troop done with Fall Product Program troop proceeds that you’ve earned?

We use our funds all year-round for activities and camp, but this year, we are saving for a trip to Utah next summer to visit national parks. — Leah, Littleton

We did a carnival for kids experiencing homelessness with cookie and fall product money [last year]. It was lots of fun. We are [also] saving up to go on a fun camping trip once COVID is over and the money helps buy all the badges we earn! — Ada, Grand Junction

What’s the coolest reward that you have earned?

Cookie Credits to put toward my troop’s trip [abroad]. I also loved earning the S’mores Club sweatshirt [2019] and I’m going to work hard to earn the customized Converse shoes this year [2020]. — McKenzie, Grand Junction

The Fall Product and Girl Scout Cookie programs are part of the foundation of entrepreneurial experience in Girl Scouts. Both programs provide opportunities for girls to learn business skills in a supportive environment. Why is entrepreneurship important for girls? Developing an entrepreneurial mindset fosters girl’s imagination to figure out new, innovative ways to solve problems, evolve ideas and methods and face challenges with creativity and resilience.

  1. Explore the new entrepreneurship badges for Girl Scouts of all ages!

  2. Go to the GSUSA badge explorer and select “Entrepreneurship” under topics.

For more information, go to the Fall Product Program page on the GSCO website or contact GSCO customer care at 1-877-404-5708 or

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