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GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARD PROJECT: Lydia Waterman, Littleton, “Hospital Care Kits”


What did you do for your Gold Award project?

For my project, I created Care Kits for Littleton Adventist Hospital, and typed up a guide for how others can create their own Hospital Care Kits in their community in the future.

Why did you pursue this Gold Award project?

When I was 8 I had an emergency appendectomy and had to stay in the hospital for a week. This was a scary experience and I wanted other families like mine to be more prepared for a stay in the hospital.

How did your Gold Award project make a difference?

I made a difference in my local hospital and in hospitals around the state and country to give patients care kits to help them have necessities to be comfortable in the hospital.

What skills did you gain through earning your Gold Award?

I gained leadership skills, organizational skills and compensation skills through earning my Gold Award.

How did you make your project sustainable?

I made my project sustainable through making a hospital care kit guide and writing a blog post.

What was your connection to the national or global community?

I sent my guide to my aunt in Arkansas who used to be a hospital manager, and my uncle in South Carolina who volunteers at a medical center.

What will you most remember about your Gold Award project?

I will most remember the response I got from the hospital when I delivered my Care Kits, and how happy the volunteer coordinator was to see that someone wanted to help patients.

How will earning your Gold Award help you in your future?

Earning my Gold Award will help me to have more organization and leadership skills when in a new job or in school.

Why do you feel the Gold Award is an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

The Gold Award is an important part of my Girl Scout experience because it shows me that I committed to making my own project from all of the skills I learned from being a scout.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog represents only a small fraction of the hard work, dedication and requirements that go into earning a Girl Scout Gold Award. It is simply a brief summary, which is meant to inspire Girl Scouts to Go Gold in the future. For more information on earning your Gold Award, please email



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