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Girl Power camp focuses on being strong

Submitted by Daffodil D Interlocken Park, Broomfield

Denver Day Camp was all about a key foundation of Girl Scouts this week: Girl Power!

Camp was focused on what it means to be a strong woman in today’s society and featured many activities that empowered campers and staff alike.

Campers had the chance to talk about what it means to be a young girl with their counselors and peers. They also took time to focus on the character traits of a strong woman and looked for those traits in themselves and their peers. One group dedicated an entire morning to “spa day” in which campers had a relaxing time getting facials, pampering each other, and talking about the importance of taking care of their bodies.

Another group spent time doing “affirmation boxes,” in which they decorated shoe boxes and used them like mail boxes to deliver compliments to each other.

Day camp also had three exciting speakers visit this week. The first was Dr. Cathy Skokan, a professor of Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines. Cathy told her story as a woman in the science world and campers were amazed to hear that Cathy was the first woman to receive her PHD from the School of Mines. Cathy has also been a lifelong Girl Scout and was thrilled to share this part of her life with campers. She ended her presentation with an activity that showed the girls what the earth looked like before all of the continents split. Campers enjoyed hearing her story and asking her questions about our wonderful earth.

The next guest was Abby Hickman. Abby is an Admissions Counselor from the Colorado School of Mines who specializes in woman’s education. Abby talked to the girls about the possibility of using science in our world. She then had girls participate in a bridge-building activity that taught girls how to use problem-solving skills and how science is fun for all ages. Campers enjoyed having Abby at camp and learned a lot about team work and creativity.

The final guest was Bree Zeigler, a martial artist who taught girls the basics of self-defense. Bree talked to campers about the importance of knowing self-defense, about how to be confident when facing a new situation, and left girls feeling empowered. Girls got to take an hour session with Bree and walked away with new tactics and a new sense of self-confidence. This week certainly was all about the girls!

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