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Girl Cookie Rewards Boosted

We recognize how hard the girls and volunteers in Colorado have worked to achieve their cookie goals this year, despite the inventory challenges. As a council we will end this sale having sold 3.5 million packages of cookies. Early indications showed that our girls were poised to sell as much as 4 million packages of cookies. It won’t happen because of a supply problem from the bakery, but we want to reward our girls as we would have if they had sold at unprecedented levels and reached 4 million packages. In a situation that was largely beyond our control, we want to do what we can to make it right for the heart of Girl Scouting – our girls. We have adjusted the rewards levels past the 210 mark by lowering the number of packages to reach the next incentive level by approximately 12 percent. Below is the structure which will be automatically adjusted for the girls in eBudde by Tuesday, March 17.Revised LevelsItem 12“2015” Year Patch40Theme Patch75Wristband & Zipper Pull100Magnet & Sunglasses125Summer Fun Bandana & Bandana Hanger OR $15 Cookie Credits175Cool Cat Fashion Tee & Samoa Tee Ties OR $15 Cookie Credits210Cheetah Plush & Hat OR $15 Cookies Credits240Beach Towel-in-a-bag & Water Bottle OR $20 Cookie Credits315Cookie Journal, Sweet Notes Cupcake & Crate OR $25 Cookie Credits425Build A Bear Experience OR $35 Cookie Credits440Camp Discount 5%530Cookie Clipboard & Wristlet Wallet OR $40 Cookie Credits750750+ Event & Medallion OR $50 Cookie Credits & Medallion880Barnes & Noble Experience OR $60 Cookie Credits88010% Camp Discount1100Large & Small duffle, Pillow, Blanket OR $70 Cookie Credits1320American Girl Doll Experience OR $125 Cookie Credits132015% Camp Discount1760Beats Headphones OR $225 Cookie Credits176020% Camp Discount2200Nike Design Shoes OR $300 Cookie Credits3080GoPro Action Camera OR Laptop OR $400 Cookie Credits4000Cookie Credit Bonus of $6004500For every 500 packages sold beyond 4000, girls earn an additional $50 in Cookie Credits


Can the girls keep selling to reach a new revised level? While this structure is offered to offset inventory challenges, not an incentive to sell more, as long as there are cookies, girls can keep selling through March 27. We understand it’s not as easy without chocolates, and this is partly why the levels are lower. Remember, you also have Hometown Heroes and Digital Cookie as sales options that don’t impact your inventory.

Why are you offering a one-size-fits-all solution when circumstances were different for different girls? We understand that some girls were not affected by the inventory issue and others were affected more. Unfortunately, there is no way to truly measure what individual goals were and how many cookies girls would have realistically sold under different circumstances. The most generous and equitable thing we can do as a council is to make an adjustment that helps all girls get to a collective level that would have been a real stretch as a council.

Why are the lower levels not adjusted? This adjustment was designed for girls who had higher goals and weren’t quite able to get there because of inventory issues. Girls who sold under the council average were less likely to have been affected.

Why is the 750 level unadjusted? The 750 level is not an item, but an event with a limited capacity; so we don’t have the same flexibility. It’s also a well-recognized level of distinction that could make girls who surpass it feel undervalued to have girls who didn’t sell to that level added.

What about troop proceeds? We were able to make an adjustment for troops or girls, and impact on the girl level was the greatest, so that’s where the council offered the help. If troops are not financially able to fund goals they set to fund with troop cookie money, they can apply for an opportunity grant to partially offset those costs.

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