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“Frozen” Fun at Magic Sky Ranch Rendezvous

The snow* was flying and fun abounded as everyone was a happy snowman at the Frozen-themed Rendezvous at Magic Sky Ranch this weekend.

Troops from across the state enjoyed meals at Arendelle, activities at the North Mountain, and met new friends as a part of Oaken, Pabbie, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Elsa, and Anna groups.

Even the weather was in the spirit of Frozen as we had fog roll in Friday night to help us enjoy a chilly August night in the mountains.

During the day, girls were able to make their own fire crystals, snow globes, snow cones, ice castles, travel across Marshmallow’s ice berg challenges, journey to the lake, and even build their own snowman (out of their leaders!). *This is where all the extra “snow” (TP) came from that was then enjoyed to make snow fall and snow angels inside.

Saturday night campfire was an all-out sing along to favorite camp and frozen songs, and the weekend wrapped up with SWAPS and farewells.

You can see more pictures here:

A special thank you to the staff who helped make the weekend possible: Ash, Houdini, Kodiak, Lady Bug, Piglet, Princess Pat, Socks, Usagi, as well as registration support – Stephanie and Maya.

And a big thank you to all the Troops who attended the event: 14275, 50516, 50546, 52254, 52319, 52696, 53972, 54071, 54185, 60447, 64143, 64626, 71363, 74404, 74447.

We look forward to seeing everyone at future Girl Scout events, and wish you a happy school year!



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