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From selling cookies to learning a part of history

Submitted by Tineke Agner-Francois

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

My daughter, Layla, has been selling Girl Scout Cookies since she was in kindergarten. During this time her dad and I, both Air Force, deployed and went TDY often leaving her and her brothers with grandparents and friends to help fill the role as a parent. My children have grown to love members from all branches and have a greater respect for mommies and daddies that defend their country. My ex-husband and I have taught our children about the different branches, their rank structure and particularly Air Force history. It was a proud moment when she was not only able to talk to two amazing Tuskegee Airmen, but donate cookies to them that she bought and tell them about what she’s accomplished with Girl Scouts and how cookie season is beneficial to making goals a reality. This picture is with two of the Tuskegee Airmen and boy was she excited! Gotta love chatting about history while doing something she loves, selling cookies!

From Layla: Girl Scouts take chances, educate themselves to know and be more, and work hard to achieve their goals! I pay for camp by participating in Fall Product and Cookie programs. I was able to pay for two-thirds of my trip to Costa Rica this summer just from Cookie Credits! I make a goal and I do everything I can to reach it!

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