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Four Girl Scouts from Eagle and Garfield Counties awarded camperships

Update as of April 23, 2020: The family of Mary Jo Jacobs and the Mary Jo Jacobs, MD Memorial Girl Scout Adventure Fund ensures that all four girls can use their campership awards for summer camp in 2021.  Girls in Eagle and Garfield Counties are encouraged to apply in winter 2021 for next summer’s adventures.


The Mary Jo Jacobs, M.D. Memorial Girl Scout Adventure Fund provides Girl Scouts from Eagle and Garfield counties in Colorado with a scholarship so they can experience the learning opportunities, joy, and camaraderie of attending Girl Scout Camp. “Our hope is that that many girls will have the same positive experience, education and adventure that mom had through her involvement in Girl Scouting and her opportunity to attend Girl Scout camp,” said Dr. Patricia VanDevander, daughter of Dr. Mary Jo Jacobs.

Four Girl Scouts will attend Girl Scouts of Colorado’s resident camp in summer 2020 courtesy of funds from the Mary Jo Jacobs, M.D. Memorial Girl Scout Adventure Fund.

  1. Fourth-grade Girl Scout Junior Sylvia D. of New Castle will attend Girl vs. Wild at Sky High Ranch.  She’s attending camp for the first time, thanks to confidence gained in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and  a trip with her troop top sellers!  She writes that, “Mary Jo Jacobs’ story was inspiring because she aspired to be good and to do better.  Imagine if we all aspired to that level.  The world would be a better place.”

  2. Third-grade Brownie Juniper K. of Eagle will attend Ranch Camp at Tomahawk Ranch. She’s super-excited to attend camp for the first time and even more excited to be able to share the experience with a friend! Juniper considers herself helpful and friendly and says,  “I love Girl Scouts because I love going on adventures, having fun and being with friends.”

  3. Girl Scout Lela W. of Basalt will attend resident camp for the very first time this summer.  She’s registered for Life-Sized Game Boards at Sky High Ranch and Enchancia at Tomahawk Ranch.  She says “being a Girl Scout is about more than just getting together with friends and having a good time. It’s about working hard, helping people, and making the world a better place.”  She smashed her own goal this year to earn cookie credits to support her camp experiences.

  4. Girl Scout Junior Isabella P. will attend Adventure Olympics at Sky High Ranch.  The current fifth grader says that “being a Girl Scout means she can do fun things, make new friends, and learn life lessons in the process.”  Isabella was originally awarded a campership in summer 2019, but was unable to go. She’s thankful for the opportunity this summer and would encourage any young girl to join Girl Scouts “ because it is so fun, and you can help your community!”

Mary Jo’s four children established the scholarship in December 2014 to honor their mother’s extraordinary legacy. As an 8-year-old girl growing up in 1937, Mary Jo wanted a new pair of roller skates. She wanted them more than anything in world— until she learned her Brownie troop was going to be able to go to summer camp. Mary Jo had to make a choice: spend the $8 she had worked so hard to earn on roller skates or Girl Scout camp? For Mary Jo, the decision was simple. She was going to Girl Scout camp. Mary Jo’s mother walked her to the local Girl Scout office, so she could be the first to register. A reporter for the Artesia Daily Press in New Mexico even wrote a story about Mary Jo and her decision. After returning home from camp, Mary Jo continued to participate in Girl Scout activities, including going to camp. Eventually, she became a doctor and worked tirelessly to serve the people of Eagle and Garfield Counties, Colorado.



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