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Fort Collins author shares love for Girl Scouts founder

Submitted by Natasha Wing

When I was a young girl growing up in Connecticut, I was a Girl Scout. In fact, when I was in 5th grade, I recorded the times I went to Girl Scout meetings in my diary. I even still have my sash with the badges I had earned!

When I grew up and became a children’s book author, I came across an article about Juliette Daisy Low and started doing more research on her. What an interesting character! I loved that she was kooky and determined at the same time, and that her driving force was to empower girls.

I wanted other people to know how much she poured herself into starting an organization for girls in America. So as a tribute to the lady who founded an organization I loved as a girl, I wrote an article for Highlights magazine and it was accepted! Now nearly 2 million Highlights readers will also learn about Daisy Low! And perhaps more girls will be inspired to join the Girl Scouts.

I have been a children’s book author for 22 years and some of the most enjoyable stories to write are about people who have made a difference in this world, like Daisy. Maybe one day I will write a story about you!

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