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Explore More Club for Adult Volunteers

Want to get some hands-on experience with the Girl Scout badge earning curriculum? Check out the Explore More Club starting in July 2020! Girl Scouts of Colorado will offer monthly topics with virtual peer meet-ups, activities, and reflection pieces to engage in.

What is the Explore More Club? The Explore More Club is a virtual program for our adult volunteers to have a hands-on badge earning experience, as if they are earning the badges themselves. It is implemented through gsLearn, a private Facebook group, and Zoom.

Explore More Club is not is a training. The Explore More Club does not explicitly set out to teach you how to teach the badge earning curriculum. However, there are times for discussion where we can talk about what that would look like. There is no training curriculum in the Explore More Club.

Are past topics available to new volunteers who sign up for the club? Currently, no. However, we are looking in making this happen very soon.

Can my girl register for this program? This program is for adult volunteers only. However, your girl can participate in a similar program for girls, our monthly Badge Series! If this is something your girl is interested in, check out the informational blog post here!

If I’m not a troop leader but still a volunteer, can I still do this? Absolutely! This program is for all Girl Scouts of Colorado volunteers who want to learn Girl Scout badge curriculum in a hands-on way and have fun while doing it!

What are the monthly topics? Monthly topics are listed below:

July 20: Space and the Universe

August 20: Ecology and the Outdoors

September 20: Self-Care

October 20: Take Action

November 20: Hobbies

January 21: Business Ethics

February 21: Cookie Support

March 21: Women in STEM

April 21: Events

May 21: Humanitarianism

If I register for one month, do I have to participate in all the months? No, you do not. The Explore More Club is designed so you can participate in as many or as few monthly topics as you want. It does grant you access to the Facebook page for all months.

Questions? Email Kendy Doolen at



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