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Explore DMNS for FREE!

Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) in Denver is always a great place for Girl Scouts of all ages to learn about nature and science, but did you know that Girl Scout troops get in for FREE?! Yes, you read that right. DMNS is dedicated to youth groups learning, exploring, and engaging with their museum and want your Girl Scout troop to join them.

How to have your troop attend for free:

a. You get 1 adult chaperone for free with every 5 students b. You can add additional paid adult chaperones c. The form says a minimum of 10, but DMNS has shared they will approve less as long as it is a troop.

2. Add your troop information

a. If your troop has registered before, search by zip code and select your troop from the drop down. b. If your troop has not registered before, enter your zip code and select “I don’t see my organization”. Enter your troop contact information and, if they qualify, put the percentage of troop members that are eligible for free and reduced lunch. If you qualify, this provides your troop with discounts to the exhibits or experiences with an additional fee.

And that’s it! Your troop will receive additional communication from DMNS if needed. There are always so many wonderful exhibits and learning opportunities at the museum that could connect with badges or Journeys that your Girl Scouts are working on. With school breaks coming up, this could be the perfect way to keep your Girl Scout troop engaged!

We will continue to feature these connections through the blog, but here are a couple suggestions to get you started:

Daisy- Math & Nature 1: Shapes in Nature 1. Search for shapes in nature. Explore the exhibits with items from nature, a great place to start is “Explore Colorado” where you can see plants and animals from across Colorado.

Brownie- Space Science Adventurer Girl Scout could complete almost all the requirements in the “Space Odyssey” exhibit! As they investigate have them focus on the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. Reflect afterwards on what they learned and how they could use this knowledge after leaving the museum.

Junior- Animal Habitats 1. Find out about wild animals 2. Investigate an animal habitat 3. Explore endangered habitats

Check out any of the wildlife halls to get a peek into an animal’s habitat. Take a moment to sit and really absorb where they live. What plants do you notice? Are there other animals in their habitat? How are they connected to us?

We can’t wait to see how your Girl Scout explore the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Subscribe to the blog to continue to receive monthly tips from us about visiting the museum as well as other awesome Girl Scout stories, announcements, and tips!

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