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Girl Scout membership in Estes Park has more than doubled with the establishment of Daisy/Brownie Troop #77784.  Highlights of this fall season so far have included a Fall Frolic adventure excursion to Meadow Mountain Ranch hear Allenspark.  Nature activities, lunch cookout and practice with flag ceremonies highlighted the day.  One of the most fun activities was making rose hip tea with the seasonal rose hips waiting for the kids in the main camp area.  Also, in the fall when all the seeds have dropped, it’s great fun to make dried flower arrangements.  Remember making “Campfire Stew,” where everyone brings a can of veggies and it’s combined with broth and meat and spices in one big pot over the fire?  New for some of the kids, but still very quick and hot and tasty.

The Junior/Cadette Troop #70455 participated in the GSCO Craft Fair and Sale in Denver.  Their selections featured small loaves of homemade pumpkin bread, made from a Girl Scout family’s local fresh eggs and hand-roasted pumpkin as well as crafted fabric pumpkins, which make excellent decorations or centerpieces for the Holiday seasons.  Great fun to try new things, and a good profit for the troop were the results.

Fall Product Sale was old-hat to the older girls, but some of the younger girls got their first exposure into the working of the digital store fronts and creation of avatars.  This is good practice for the upcoming Cookie Sale, already on the immediate horizon.  Cookie credits were earned as well as a substantial profits for the troops and individual girls.  It was reported that about 95% of sales were done on line.

Fun and learning go hand in hand with 2 other close-to-home field trips.  Small Acre Farm in Ft. Collins is owned by two Meadow Mountain Ranch staff alums and the girls were treated to petting the baby goats who grow up to be the goats who give milk to make homemade soap and other products.  Great photo ops there!  A trip to the fall field Corn Maze was just fun and a totally new experience for some.  The girls were inspired to hand-roast pumpkins to use in their pumpkin bread which they sold at the Craft Fair.



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