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Deloitte volunteers give back to GSCO

Deloitte volunteers and GSCO staff members pose infant of Twisted Pine
Thank you to Deloitte volunteers for helping out at Twisted Pine!

Every year, Deloitte hosts Impact Day, a day where employees across the country take time from their busy schedules to volunteer at local organizations and make a difference.

Twisted Pine, a GSCO property, was one of many locations that Deloitte volunteers worked at today. Twenty four volunteers helped get the property in tip-top shape by cleaning the lodge from top to bottom, raking dried leaves and trimming trees.

A Deloitte volunteer rakes leaves

Megan Flori King works at Deloitte and is a member of the GSCO Board of Directors. Along with volunteering today, she has helped the long time partnership between GSCO and Deloitte thrive.

"I really enjoy my time with the Girl Scouts and took the opportunity where Deloitte spends a day nationwide volunteering to really continue to further what I view as the mission of the Girl Scouts," Flori King said. "I would say, it's always a really great day where it's just positive and you walk away with a smile on your face."

Two Deloitte volunteers rake leaves in front of a Girl Scout branded car

Kelli Wolfe, another Deloitte employee, said she was glad she got to help get Twisted Pine ready for girls to have fun at this summer.

"Helping out feels great," Wolfe said. "It's nice to get outdoors and it feels good to give back to the community. It's been a really fun time."

A woman on the left hands a bouquet of flowers to Wendy Edwardson on the right.
Wendy Edwardson has been taking care of Twisted Pine for almost 20 years

Today wasn't just about volunteering. Assistant Site Manager of Twisted Pine Wendy Edwardson is "retiring from Girl Scouts" later this month and was celebrated for her almost 20 years of commitment to the property.

"I think it's fantastic that [Deloitte volunteers] want to help out. It impacts so many troops that are going to come and use the property. And I hope that they individually feel that it's fulfilling for them to come up here and see that they're doing something that makes a difference."



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