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Daisy’s Circle supporter spotlight: Tinesha Ross

Tell us about your connection to Girl Scouts.

My connection with Girl Scouts began in Fairfield, Al in the early 80’s. I often tell the story of how I was riding my bike around the local park and stumbled upon a Girl Scout event. I had three other siblings and my mom did not work. I knew that after I stopped to speak with the ladies at the table, I would not be able to join this organization because of financial reasons. Also, we didn’t have a car, so that meant no transportation to meetings and events. Being who I am, I filled out the form anyway :). About two weeks later, two ladies showed up at my door, inviting me to my first Girl Scout meeting at a local church. I was so happy to belong and blessed with the opportunity to “make new friends.”

What is the most valuable thing that Girl Scouts gives girls today?

Girl Scouts build LEADERSHIP SKILLS, people skills, and communication skills- all of what is need for success in life. This organization also teaches TEAMWORK and the value of working together and giving back.

Why did you join Daisy’s Circle?

I was once the kid that needed someone to donate to provide an opportunity for me. I never knew how important that was until I became an adult and realized that I would NOT be the woman I am today without those who gave selflessly and not knowing who they would touch by their donations. I work hard EVERY DAY to show those who have help ME throughout life that I appreciate it and that their good works paid off :). Now, it is MY turn to pay it forward.

What is the best thing about monthly giving?

Monthly donations help lower costs so that more of the donation goes to the girls.

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

I am forever grateful to Girl Scouts and I credit this organization for all that I have accomplished in life. I never had an opportunity to dress up much as a child, but when I put on that uniform for meetings, I felt as though I was SOMEBODY! Little things mean a lot. As long as Girl Scouts are around, I will continue to support this organization.

Named after Girl Scout founder, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, Daisy’s Circle is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s monthly giving program. Funds raised through Daisy’s Circle provide financial assistance for girls and volunteers, support Outreach Programs and more.  For more information:

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