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Cookie Program Training Update and Resources

Troop cookie manager (TCM) live webinar trainings were offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in December and three sessions on January 11. Thank you to all of the volunteers who attended training!

If you’re a TCM who needs to take cookie training, there are several options still available.

Volunteers can access TCM training on our online learning platform, gsLearn. Go to the GSCO website, click on the myGS tab, log in and select gsLearn on your dashboard.

There is a gsLearn course for new TCMs and one for experienced TCMs. Each course is divided into sections with a few short knowledge checks and resources to review as well.

Volunteer Resources

New to the Girl Scout Cookie Program? Do you have questions or need some extra support?

Drop in for Cookie Chats on Wednesdays, at noon or at 6:00 p.m.  They are offered Wednesday until the end of the Cookie Program. Our Product Program Specialists host the Zoom calls. The Cookie Chats are an open forum discussion/Q and A. No need to register, just click the link, enter the password “COURAGE” and join the team to talk about the Cookie Program!

Cookie Program Guides

Girl Scout families! There is an electronic parent permission form for the cookie program. Parents/caregivers can complete the form online and once submitted, a copy will be emailed to you. You can also click a request button on the form and have a copy of the permission form emailed to the troop cookie manager!

Find other cookie program resources on our website under the “Cookies” tab:

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