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Congratulations to the Silver Award Recipients May 2015!

All of the Colorado Girl Scouts who have achieved Girl Scouts Highest Awards this year have done amazing things! With your accomplishments, you have shown yourselves to be leaders in your community and advocates for others. Girl Scouts of Colorado is very proud of you all and the example you set!

Silver Award Recipients May 2015

Troop42393 -Colorado Springs

Kimberly  Jones

Troop52276 -Thornton

Josephine  Page

TROOP62851 -Parker

Chloee  Atchison-Reynolds

Meaghan  Morris

TROOP50659 -Breckenridge

Geneva  Ascher

Kalina  Macias

Troop52135 -Denver

Faith  Carbajal

Troop52135 -Henderson

Samantha  Smith

Troop13634 -Meeker

Cori  Mohr

Mariah  Hood

Tacy  Crawford



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