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Claim your “Trail Adventure” badge

Thank you to all of the Girl Scouts who attended a Trail Adventure meet up with Girl Scouts of Colorado in September! To encourage Girl Scouts to complete a Trail Adventure Badge, GSCO teamed up with The North Face to offer Girl Scouts who attended any Trail Adventure meet-up the opportunity to receive a FREE* badge. If you did, don’t forget to complete your requirements and the online notification form by January 7, 2020.

Registered Girl Scouts must have attended a Girl Scouts of Colorado-sponsored Trail Adventure meet-up in September 2019 and must complete all of the requirements to earn her Trail Adventure Badge by January 1, 2020 to be eligible*.  A parent/guardian or troop leader must fill out this online notification form. This form will close on January 7, 2020. Badges will be mailed in January to the address provided. Badges are earned by Girl Scouts and must be completed according to the appropriate program level. Check out the online Badge Explorer for specific badge requirements for each program level.

With a shared purpose of encouraging exploration, Girl Scouts and The North Face understand the importance of providing the next generation of girls, regardless of socioeconomic status, with outdoor adventure experiences. By giving girls the opportunity to experience the outdoors, Girl Scouts and The North Face hope to enhance leadership skills and confidence in young girls, while encouraging them to seek new challenges through outdoor adventure.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

* This opportunity is made possible by a generous grant from The North Face. Only registered Girl Scouts ages 5-18 may receive a free badge upon participation in a Girl Scouts of Colorado-sponsored Trail Adventure meet-up in September 2019 and completion of all program level-appropriate badge-earning requirements by January 7, 2020.  Troops may complete badgework together or Girl Scouts may earn individually.

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