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Change Your Story

Brownies from troop 65659 sit in front of their art

This past summer, four Brownies from multi-level Troop 65659 completed the World of Girls journey. They looked at library books, dressed up as their favorite characters, and found clues. After they selected stories about resilience, their troop leader contacted music therapists and found Mallory Connors of Music with Mallory. Mallory recorded a special message just for the Brownies to use for their virtual special presentation on resilience. They learned about what kids can do when struggling with big problems and demonstrated those skills, then posted their special program online.

They received some feedback from families online who watched the 17-minute show:

  • “I loved seeing cool kids doing lots of cool things, and sharing great advice, in their masks! Thanks for setting a great example.” -Megan E.

  • “This was wonderful! The kiddos did a great job. I love their reminders that when going through a struggle, remember that it is temporary.” -Robin P.

  • “This means a lot. Going through a struggle can be hard. It can feel final at times. But there are ways to ease the feeling, cope, overcome or distract. All these wonderful ideas the troop gives are excellent ways to help. I hope you keep helping people, as you are doing a lot of good here.” -Chris H.

  • “I liked the tips about if it is a problem to work around them and make memories in the meantime. I also liked the tip reminding you the problem is temporary (which is sometimes hard to remember in the moment of that problem).” -Erin Y.

The Brownies had a lot of fun making their photo exhibit about what they accomplished, making a quilt that showed their special talents, and using different kinds of art to express their feelings. They wrapped up their journey with a frozen yogurt outing to celebrate.



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