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Centennial Juniors take action to help homeless animals

Submitted by Niki Spiers

Metro Denver


Girl Scout Juniors from Troop 60168 decided to take action to help homeless animals. The troop finished up their Outdoor Journey by visiting the Dumb Friends League in Denver. The fourth graders learned what the current needs for the shelter were and set out to collect donations. They made posters, asking for donations and hung them in Peabody Elementary. Then, they made school announcements requesting donations. They reached out to family, friends, and neighbors for donations. On January 29, 2019, they arrived at Dumb Friends League with bags of paper towels, Q-tips, cotton balls, dish soap, and more! During their tour, they learned Dumb Friends League helps over 22,000 animals every year with most homeless dogs and cats being adopted within two weeks! It was a fun and educational visit for both Girl Scouts and parents. Everyone left grateful knowing homeless animals were being well taken care of at the Dumb Friends League!

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