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Centennial Brownies deliver Take Action project to preschool


Submitted by Kristin Hamm Centennial

The Girl Scout Brownies from Troop 61133 at Willow Creek Elementary School completed the Brownie Quest Journey by delivering a Take Action project to the preschool students at Summit Elementary School. The Brownies spent much of their year learning how to Discover, Connect and Take Action. For their Take Action project, the girls brainstormed places and people in their community who needed help. They advocated for their favorite causes and voted to help preschool students in a Head Start program. The 2nd grade girls set a budget based on a percentage of their cookie sales proceeds and were able to spend $300 to purchase playground equipment for the preschool program.

All 12 girls in the troop got together on a day off from school on Friday to deliver the new balls, hula hoops, bean bags and much more to the preschoolers. The preschoolers were thrilled. Dan Wray, director of Early Childhood Education and Special Education for the Cherry Creek School District, met the Brownies and shook their hands, telling them what a wonderful thing they had done.

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