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Celebrate Earth Day with a Girl Scout Gold Award candidate

Submitted by Sidney B.

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

I have been a Girl Scout since I was in kindergarten and am currently working towards earning my Gold Award, which is the highest honor you can receive as a Girl Scout. My project is focused on state park waste diversion. However, a huge part of my project is focused on educating the public on the basics of recycling and waste diversion in hopes to inspire and empower future generations to make a difference and share their knowledge with the world! As you may know, April 22 is Earth Day! This is a chance to celebrate our planet and raise our voices for changing our environment for the better.

As a piece of my Gold Award project, I have created a YouTube Channel called Project Greenify to share fun and educational videos for Girl Scouts across Routt Country and Colorado. I have created a series of three different videos along with attached resources. The first is a general overarching introduction to waste diversion and recycling and teaches the basics of environmental stewardship. The second video teaches how to do your very own waste sort at home and learn why our waste matters. The third video is a fun activity called “Birds and Worms” and is designed for Brownies and Daisies.

By watching these videos and completing these activities, Girl Scouts are continuing the legacy of environmental stewardship, using resources wisely, and making the world a better place! In addition, Girl Scouts will be able to work towards earning their “eco” badges. Check out the Girl Scouts Badge Explorer to see what may be of interest to you.

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