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  • Marcy Kendall

Cadettes earn Urban Orienteering Badge

Three of our Boulder 72418 Cadette troop took a trip down to Denver to earn their Urban Orienteering badge.

We took the RTD down from a park & ride, walked to Confluence Park (& learned what the word confluence meant), practiced carrying bags in a protective way, took the free mall ride and walked rest of the way to Capitol building, shopped at the street fair, discussed what to do to find each other if lost, & navigated back to Union Station for an ice cream.

When asked what they learned we got the following responses: "Denver is complicated & stores look like banks" (brick and older looking tall buildings), "Busses can be helpful & confusing" ,"Keep your stuff near you" , "Know where you put your bus ticket so you don't panic."

The last one is great for any adventure!

We recommend doing this badge as well as a fun field trip for Cadettes.

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