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Cadette Finding Common Ground badge: Step Four of Five

The great thing about our country is we all can have different backgrounds, experiences and opinions, and still come together and work towards the common good. No matter the level of government – from your local school board to the Congress – people have to compromise – give up some things you want in order to support somethings someone else wants – in order to accomplish their goals. When you earn the Cadette Finding Common Ground badge, you will learn how governments do that – and how you can do it in your everyday life.

Step Four: Understand a Compromise

A compromise is an agreement where both people give up something they want in order to find the common ground where everyone gets a little bit of what they want. Do one or more of the following activities to learn more about compromise.

A Community Compromise. Learn about a compromise in your community, such as the dress code at your school, or the amenities in a new park or recreation center. Where did the two sides disagree at the beginning? What decision did they make in the end? What did each side give up to reach a compromise? How does this compromise affect your community and your life?


A Family or Friendship Compromise. Think of a situation where you and someone in your household had to compromise to be able to live in peace. Use that situation and talk to an adult in your household about a compromise that made your family what it is today. Can you imagine a more positive outcome? Share your ideas with your family and see if you can effect positive change.


A state or national compromise. Learn about a compromise that occurred in your state or at the national level. You can talk with your history teacher, local historian, elected official, or another who has expert knowledge in the compromise. Where did the two sides differ in the beginning? Where did they find common ground? What did each side give up to reach a reasonable agreement? How does this compromise affect your life? What other possible outcomes could there have been?

In the next step, you will learn how to find common ground through the process of mediation.

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