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Cadette Book Club Bonus: Ghost-Catcher Challenge

Join Girl Scouts of Colorado online for Cadette Book Club in Fall 2020!

In October, we read the delightfully frightful “Ghost Squad” by Claribel Ortega. We bolstered our courage, cloaked ourselves in Girl Scout magic, and ventured along with Lucely and Syd to battle the devious demons that had descended on the town of St. Augustine. Now, it’s your turn to prepare for the paranormal by making your very own ghost-catcher.

We’ve just passed Halloween and the crisp fall nights are feeling a bit spooky. Your challenge is to use your Girl Scout magic to turn a mundane household item into a ghost-catcher strong enough to stave-off even the most sinister spirits.

You’ll need your courage and creativity, along with these indispensable items:

  1. Strong container

  2. Something light and bright

  3. Happy memory

While not absolutely necessary, these other items might be helpful in crafting your ghost-catcher:

  1. Tape

  2. Markers

  3. Scissors

  4. Washi Tape

  5. Stickers

  6. Paper

Activity Directions:

Your ghost-catcher can be made of any item that you can snap shut at a moment’s notice. A recycled jar, an old coffee container, or a wooden box would all make great ghost traps.

To disguise your ghost-catcher from suspicious spirits, you may want to get a little bit crafty. Use whatever craft supplies or decorations you have around the house to dress-up your ghost-catcher.

Now, you need to add power to your ghost-catching receptacle. Ghosts love dark, spooky places. So, you need to vanquish them with something bright. Get creative with what that means to you. You could grab a yellow or orange item, an unlit candle, a picture of a sun, or anything that reminds you of light.

Your ghost-catcher only requires one more thing to make it ready-for-use: love. Grumpy ghosts don’t hate anything more than joy, so use a marker and some paper to write down a happy memory and tuck it into your container.

Close-up your ghost-catcher and store it somewhere safe. It is now fully fortified and ready for any spooky spirits you may encounter. In case you want to add some extra courage to your ghost-catcher, take a picture of it with one of your pets and share it with Girl Scouts of Colorado on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Twitter and Instagram users should also use #GSColo.

Warm, cuddly pets are widely known as excellent paranormal protectors. And, be sure to join us for our November and December Cadette Book Clubs!

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

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