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Best practices for a successful World Thinking Day event

Take the lead on February 22 to celebrate 2019 World Thinking Day with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 150 countries! (That’s one big celebration!) Girls also celebrate World Thinking Day throughout the spring.

World Thinking Day originated in 1926. That’s when delegates from around the globe met at Camp Edith Macy—now called Edith Macy Conference Center—in New York state and agreed February 22 would henceforth be known as a special day for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide.

Every year since, World Thinking Day has called for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to join and take part in activities that promote changing the world for the better.

The GSCO Global Action Committee also wants to hear from you (VSS, Service Unit Managers, troop leaders, etc.) about the exciting plans you’ve been working on for World Thinking Day. If you are planning a World Thinking Day celebration, please fill out the form linked HERE so the Global Action Committee can compile data and help you make your celebration the best it can be!

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Global Action Committee also put together this list of World Thinking Day Best Practices to help your celebration be the best it can be!

  1. Form a committee to plan the event and coordinate:

  2. Finances: venue, patches, Juliette Low World Friendship Fund

  3. Registration

  4. Program content/activities: song, skit, flag

  5. Setup and takedow

  6. Publicity

  7. GSCO Event Calendar (

  8. GSCO Blog (

  9. Use the W.A.G.G.S. World Thinking Day resources (

  10. Troops choose a WAGGGS country –

  11. Use GSUSA World Thinking Day resources

  12. Countdown to Thinking Day Activities (

  13. 2019 World Thinking Day Theme & Toolkits (

  14. Use resources from Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Global Action Committee

  15. Global blog posts (

  16. Contact the Global Action Committee at

  17. Use outside resources – for example:

  18. Country websites

  19. Community resources such as city festivals – Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year celebrations, etc.

  20. Colleges/university international students and events

  21. High school exchange students


  23. Choose a patch (GSUSA Thinking Day Patch, WAGGGS Thinking Day, or own design)

  24. Who to invite

  25. Staff, Board Members, Membership Connection Committee (MCC)

  26. Former Board members, MCC members, and former area staff

  27. Community members (mayor, council members) and partners

  28. Alumni

  29. Global Action Committee



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