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Best Cookie Dad contest: Our super dad

Submitted by Abigail and Genevieve R.

Metro Denver

Castle Rock

I am glad to have a great dad who is there to help us sell cookies. Being a Girl Scout Cookie Dad in February (a.k.a. cookie month) is not easy! It is even trickier if you are a dad to two Girl Scouts, who set some high cookie goals! I have been selling cookies for four years and my little sister, Genevieve, just started selling cookies this year. My dad has been there for both of us during this busy cookie season. He helped us sell cookies by taking my sister and I to small businesses in town. He stayed with us at the booths and held a “Cookies For Sale” sign with us and helped us count money. He also had to pick up extra chores around the house when our mom would take us to sell cookies door-to-door or at booths. We would not be able to reach and surpass our goals if it was not for our wonderful dad!

My sister and I learned that earning money through cookie sales would give us an opportunity to attend Girl Scout events and classes. We both like being a part of the big Girl Scout family!

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form and is part of the 2018 contest for Best Cookie Dad.

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