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Because of Girl Scout Camp … part 2

This week’s “Because of Girl Scout Camp” entry is written by Rocky, the Assistant Camp Director at Magic Sky Ranch.

Because of Girl Scout Camp….

You always hear about how rewarding being a part of Girl Scouts or attending camp is from future leaders of America. Each year that I return to Camp, I realize more and more why people claim these organizations have changed their lives. Camp has been an addicting, yet rewarding unexpected life adventure. Through my experiences each year, I become more confident and willing to lead, or work as a team member. Camp has helped me become a proficient public speaker, and has instilled a new sense of confidence that pushes me to challenge myself past the limits my mind has set. I have literally reached new heights, and each year I become more and more excited to further push the boundaries. Because of camp, I believe I can and must try to reach my goals, and set new ones to eventually conquer.

From a Staff.

The summer is almost upon us, or so it seems, and I’m so excited for the new programming Magic Sky will be offering!!! I can’t wait to see what kinds of animals will be filling the ranks of the small animal farm, and it will be exciting to have life back at the barn. I can’t wait to explore the trails around camp to discover what new flowers will be blooming, and to have another picnic lunch on top of Rabbit Ears! I hope to witness some amazing archers this summer, and can’t wait to refresh some much needed survival skills. Here’s to hoping that time flies faster, so a new camp adventure can arrive!

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