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Be excellent and earn Troop Excellence Patches

Use the Troop Excellence worksheet as a guiding light and planning tool for a successful Girl Scout year ahead. The Troop Excellence Patch Worksheet is a list of activity ideas and a way to track your progress. When your troop has completed all 10 elements, complete the Troop Excellence form and receive a FREE patch for every Girl Scout! The ideas within each activity on the worksheet are just suggestions. You’re welcome to substitute any of them with another activity that accomplishes the goal. Be creative! Get started today! Troop Excellence Activities:

  1. Welcome families to Girl Scouts

  2. Show girls they belong to a big sisterhood

  3. Guide girls to develop as leaders

  4. Empower girls to take action in their communities

  5. Support girls to build skills through badges

  6. Expand girls’ view of the world

  7. Celebrate with ceremonies and traditions

  8. Use a girl-led approach

  9. Encourage girls to earn and learn through the Fall Product and/or Cookie Programs

  10. Inspire girls to continue to grow through Girl Scouts Troop Excellence Worksheet Troop Excellence Form This patch is only available to Girl Scouts of Colorado members.

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