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Basalt troop earns their Bronze Award

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

This is Girl Scout Troop 16190 from Basalt, Colorado. We are 6th graders at Basalt Middle School. We, as a troop, decided to earn our Bronze Award, and for our Bronze Award project, we decided to share lots of songs we have learned together as a troop. We started this project in 5th grade and have now completed it.

We chose this project because we feel like many Girl Scout troops are disconnected to the musical side of Girl Scouts, and we think singing together is a really important part of the Girl Scout experience. Our troop loves to sing, and we hope that we can share our love of music with everyone.

We made videos teaching you some of the many songs we know. These videos are very easy to use and learn with, because they are step-by-step. We talk you through the songs and do the hand motions so they're easier to learn. We slowly progressed to the end result.

We also have a Girl Scout Song Book with all the song lyrics, as well as a Google Slides presentation that can be used for troop or group learning. The slideshow contains the song lyrics, direct links to the videos, some great tips for song leaders, as well as photos of our troop.

We recommend using the Google Slides presentation first as you get started. Printing the Song Book is a nice way to allow everyone to look at the lyrics individually.

Here is the link to the Google Slides presentation.

Here is the link to the Song Book.

Here is the link to our YouTube Playlist with all of the videos.



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