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Are you ready to get wild? Expedition camp for Seniors & Ambassadors


Seniors and Ambassadors, are you tired of the same old routine? Is the thought of another boring summer getting you down?  Tomahawk Ranch has the answer –  this summer take a walk on the wild side…Expedition Wild that is!

This summer campers have the chance to get out and experience varying landscapes that make up beautiful southwest Colorado.  Challenge yourself by climbing granite rock formations, raft through pristine white water on the Lower Animas River, or discover your inner cowgirl while riding horses at the famous Rapp Corral.

In addition to the fun and challenging adventures, there will be time for hiking and exploring historic Mesa Verde National Park and Canyon of the Ancients National Monument.  Can you unravel the secrets of the Anasazi? Or maybe try your hand at some amateur archaeology, all this and more await!

Camp in the gorgeous San Juan National Forest, a stone’s throw from Durango for part of your expedition.  The next leg of your adventure leads you to the amazing scenery of Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Explore the tallest sand dunes in North America, wade through cooling streams, and try your hand at the fun sport of Snow Sledding.

When your muscles are sore and feet tired, we will make our way to the healing waters of Pagosa Springs Hot Springs, for a rejuvenating swim and soak.  These healing waters have been soothing weary travelers for hundreds of years, come claim your place in the history of famous soakers.

After refreshing our bodies, we travel north to Eleven Mile Reservoir, where we will learn to fish and catch our dinner.  Tomahawk Ranch’s chef will be on hand to help cook meals, while camping out under the stars.  When you need a break from fishing from the shore, take a step onto a pontoon boat and relax as we cruise the reservoir.  All this and more await.

Don’t let summer be boring, make it a wild time, with memories that last forever.  Join our epic expedition, and take a walk on the Expedition Wild (TR41 Expedition Wild) side with Tomahawk Ranch.

This entry was written by Kevin “Flint” Igo, Flint is the Outdoor Director at Tomahawk Ranch and oversees trip and outdoor adventure skill programs. He is also a year-round staff member at Tomahawk Ranch Camp.

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