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A glimpse into the future

We all wish we could gaze into a crystal ball to get a glimpse of the future. What will our world look like? What will our priorities be? But, most importantly, when you're a caregiver of a young child, you wonder what will they grow into?

Girl Scouts of Colorado has teamed up with CollegeInvest to give Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors an opportunity to explore their interests and their caregivers a chance go along for the ride.

When they've completed the program, Girl Scouts also earn a cool glow-in-the-dark patch and caregivers who hop into Google Classroom to watch a short video and learn about the benefits of a CollegeInvest account, will receive a free $100 to their child's account with no other obligation.

We sat down with some Girl Scouts and their caregivers to find out what their Future Me experience was like.

Locklyn sees herself working with animals

Locklynn is a Daisy Girl Scout from Highlands Ranch who completed the Future Me program in September. In 20 years, she sees herself as a zookeeper or an artist. Going through the booklet with her mom, Deveny, gave them both the chance to think about how Locklynn likes to live her life and who she looks up to. She admires two of her teachers 'because they are special and teach us about art and animals.'

Maybe one day Locklynn will design animal spaces for zoos or create artwork featuring zoo animals or perhaps she'll run a zoo and keep art as a hobby she does at home. No matter what, her mom sees her doing something creative and having a lot of pets!

Deveny said it was sweet to hear from Locklynn about the home she imagines for herself — the perfect house is their family home, complete with art room and a fun backyard.

"I found it interesting how she thought about where she would live in 20 years," Deveny said. "It was sweet to think she wanted to be in a home like the one my husband and I created for both her and her brother. It was fun to hear her say she would work with animals as a vet and then say a zookeeper and then an artist. It was fun to see her little brain think that far ahead. How wonderful to think about all the exciting things she has to look forward to!"

The possibilities are endless.

Deveny describes Locklynn as her 'mini' and, guess what? Deveny also wanted to work with animals and create art when she was Locklynn's age!

Now, the family has two dogs, a cat, and two fish tanks, and Deveny is an addictions counselor at a Denver hospital and uses art to teach her clients how to manage their emotions and express themselves.

Locklynn has plenty of time to continue to explore and imagine and shape her life how she sees fit. Girl Scouts is giving her a good foundation for those dreams.

" I do see her mind expanding when we talk about the Girl Scout Law and earning our petals," Deveny said. "She is enjoying the sisterhood and has made some great friends. I think one of the benefits of being a Daisy is she is getting this great foundation of values and then through all of our extra activities she gets a chance to practice them and build upon them. She looks forward to 'Girl Scout meeting day' and helps me organize everything for the meetings."

She'll make a great zookeeper or artist or whatever she decides to take on!

Emma, Hannah have big dreams

Emma and Hannah, sisters from Colorado Springs, completed the Future Me patch program in October.

Hannah, a Girl Scout Brownie, thinks it'd be interesting to be President of the United States. "Interesting" might be an understatement, but, no doubt. she's got what it takes. In elementary school, she's already practicing making and memorizing speeches.

Emma, a Girl Scout Daisy, is keeping her options open. She's busy reading books and asking questions of people in fields she might be interested in.

Their caregiver said it was interesting watching the Girl Scouts dream of their futures and begin to realize that they could do things now at this young age to learn more about the careers that interest them.

And the glow-in-the-dark Future Me patch is going to look pretty awesome on these uniforms!


The Future Me patch program is open to all Colorado Girl Scouts in K-5th grade. It's free and you'll find everything you need on our website under Anytime Activities > Council Patches. Your Girl Scout can get the free patch and $100 in a CollegeInvest plan -- all you have to do is complete the packet together then watch the 30 minute CollegeInvest pre-recorded webinar.

What does your Future Me want to be?

  • President

  • Doctor

  • Zookeeper

  • Lawyer

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