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A Girl Scout's Tale - Poetry

Sierra Redman

Sierra Redman

Troop 57220

Walden, Colo

In the mountains of Colorado, a tale unfolds,

Of a 13-year-old Girl Scout, brave and bold.

With her box of cookies, she sets out to roam,

Selling sweet treats, all on her own.

Amidst the towering pines her journey begins,

A world of adventure, she eagerly dives in.

The crisp mountain air tingles on her cheeks

As she treks her way through valleys and peaks.

In a small mountain town, her first stop appears

A busy gas station, filled with delightful cheers.

Her cookies shine bright in the afternoon sun,

As customers line up, one by one.

But soon, a conflict arises, oh what a plight!

Dark clouds roll in, casting shadows of fright!

The wind howls fiercely, threatening to blow

Her cookies away, a devastating blow.

With determination in her heart, she won't back down,

She zips up her coat, puts on a determined frown.

She gathers her boxes, holding them tight,

Ready to face this challenge with all of her might.

She seeks shelter under a sturdy awning,

Her customers huddle close, their spirits not wanting.

Together they weather the storm with good grace,

Finding joy in each cookie, and on each smiling face.

With bravery and resilience, she conquers the day,

Selling Girl Scout cookies, come what may.

In the mountains of Colorado, a tale is told,

Of a young girl's spirit, so brave and bold.

And so, the story of a Girl Scout unfolds,

Selling her cookies among the mountains like gold.

Her journey continues, with each box she sells,

Spreading happiness and stories of exploits that dwell.

In the mountains of Colorado, her legacy remains,

A 13-year-old Girl Scout, who conquered the terrain.

With a sparkling smile, and senses brought to life,

Her cookie-selling adventures spark joy, amid the strife.



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