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A Bridging to Remember

Submitted by Susan Cullison

Metro Denver

Commerce City

This has been a tough year for Girl Scouts as COVID-19 really stopped all in-person events in March. Our girls not only had to contend with their world suddenly drastically changing, but remote school learning and all of the plans they had for Girl Scouts suddenly stopping and/or being cancelled left and right- not to mention the struggle of not being able to see friends in-person and share hugs. Our troop met virtually in the spring and took a break over the summer, but after school started back up, we decided to proceed with our bridging ceremony, as we felt the girls really needed to see each other. We wanted to honor all they had accomplished from the previous year. Ms Nikki from our leadership team had a great idea to purchase “plank” pieces online that could be painted and assembled together to form a flat bridge so that every girl could paint their very own piece of the bridge and the troop could have it as a keepsake. Our troop also has a member that is in a wheelchair full time, so this way she could participate by going over the bridge as well! The troop set up a painting time with each girl prior to the bridging ceremony in an open garage and had small groups of girls come in at staggered times to ensure safety. When the bridge was put together at the ceremony each girl had so much fun seeing how her individual work fit into the framework of the group, and what a beautiful symbol of diversity it was! It was such a neat personalization to add to the ceremony and something we expect the troop to enjoy for years.

We love when the girls are able to express themselves individually and see how their contribution makes for a beautiful outcome for everyone!

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.



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