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2022 Fall Product Program Starts Saturday, Sept. 10

The Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Program is a great way for troops to earn startup money for Girl Scout activities throughout the year or to get one step closer to reaching their next goal, such as earning a highest award, doing a Take Action project to benefit their community, or going on a troop campout or troop travel.

The Fall Product Program also helps girls learn the 5 Skills: goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

All troops receive 13% of their magazine orders as troop proceeds, plus $1.05 per item for nuts and chocolates. Girl Scouts can also earn Cookie Credits and rewards.

Girls can do the entire program online and/or sell products in-person using the order card. There is no physical inventory for troops and families to manage during the Fall Product Program. After the program ends, volunteers will receive and distribute nuts and candy items to girls and caregivers, for girl delivery to customers.

Troop volunteers, caregivers, and Girl Scouts find that the Fall Product Program is straightforward and participating in it can serve as practice for success during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Fall Rallies – check out the Fall Rally Activity Guide on the GSCO Fall Product Program page. Fall rallies will be hosted in areas around the state. Check in with your area service unit for more information.

Service units hosting Fall Product Program rallies can order rally patches by completing the form before Friday, Sept. 30, 2022

Training – Service units will start offering troop training late August, early September. TFPM training will also be available in gsLearn after Labor Day.

Fall Product Program starts on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2021.

In order to participate, all troops must have a completed 2022-2023 membership year ACH form and a Troop Fall Product Manager agreement form. 

M2, the Fall Product Program operating system, will open to service units and troops the week of Sept. 4 (after Labor Day). Volunteers will receive emails with information and a link to access M2.

Girls/caregivers will receive an email to gain access to M2 starting on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Caregivers/parents can complete the digital permission form, include the name and email address of their troop fall product manager, and have a copy of the form sent to their the TFPM. A copy of the form will also be sent to the caregiver in a confirmation email once they have submitted the form.

S’mores Club 

Girls and troops must participate in both the Fall Product Program and the Girl Scout Cookie Program and meet the specific criteria outlined for S’mores Club membership.

Participating girls can earn a pair of custom Converse shoes and a personalized avatar patch.

Troop and service unit fall product managers and cookie program managers will also earn the personalized avatar patch and custom Converse shoes!*

Questions? Read the S’mores Club FAQs.

*The Troop Fall Product Manager and Troop Cookie Manager are eligible for volunteer rewards. If the TFPM and TCM are the same person, only one reward will be given. See the S’mores Club flier for more details.

For more information about S’mores Club and to access all Fall Product Program resources, go to the Girl Scouts of Colorado website, Fall Product Program page under the “Cookies” tab.

If you have questions, please contact Girl Scouts of Colorado customer care at

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