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2019 Best Cookie Video contest: Claire’s cookie video

Submitted by Claire

I am a brand-new Daisy in a brand-new troop in Colorado, Troop 47189. I got the flu the first day of cookie season and couldn’t go door-to-door, so my mom and I made this video while I was home from school. I love to cook with my mom and we make yummy recipes together. My goal is to sell 180 packages, so I can get the leopard keychain and tin. My troop goal is 672 packages. We are going to spend, save, and share our cookie money. We’ll spend a third of it on a horseback riding/pizza party, and an ice cream party since some of the girls didn’t want to go horseback riding. We’ll save a third for troop supplies, and we’ll share a third this summer by doing a Take Action project when we do our first Journey.

Watch my video here:

To enter this year’s “Best Cookie Video Contest,” just email your video, along with a brief story and your cookie goal, to Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at



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