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  • Holly Sprouse

Yuma troop earns Bronze Award for educating community on 911 safety

For their Bronze Award project, Troop 80572 from Yuma met with 911 dispatchers, law enforcement, and firemen then made a public safety education video about calling 911 that they shared with their community.

The girls worked closely with their local 911 center to make an educational video explaining how to properly call 911 for help. They also spoke to local law enforcement, fire department, and ambulance personnel.

Girls from troop 80572 said, "We chose this as our Bronze Award project because we had always been told to call 911 for emergencies, but never what would happen during the call. Our leader is a 911 dispatcher and she would tell us stories of ways NOT to call 911, and we think other people needed to know."

Some of their favorite parts of the project were acting out the wrong way to call 911, visiting and touring the fire department, police department, and 911 dispatch.

Through their project they learned that all the questions the dispatchers ask are for a reason, and it's important to try to stay calm and answer them to the best of your ability.

You can view their educational video on their local 911 center's YouTube page.

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