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You are “Our” Girl Scout


Submitted by Kristin Coulter


Denver Metro

Erika was one of the customers Fiona always looked forward to seeing during cookie season. Even though they only saw each other once a year, Erika always greeted Fiona by name and rewarded her with a good size order of cookies. When Fiona started selling cookies she was a Daisy and Erika was pregnant with her first child. When she returned as a Cadette last year, Erika by now had two children – two girls – and also had the news that they might be moving. Fiona took Erika’s email address and this year she contacted her at the beginning of cookie season. Last night Fiona and her mom drove the very large order of cookies from Park Hill to Centennial. Ramona, Erika’s now 4 year-old, was enchanted with all of the badges on Fiona’s vest. She had watched the cookie selling video Fiona had made and sent her mother many times so Ramona felt like she knew Fiona too. Fiona thanked them for continuing to buy cookies from her to which they replied that they will always be loyal because “you are our Girl Scout.”

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