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For the tenth year, women from all over the country will gather at Meadow Mountain Ranch near Allenspark for Women’s Week.  It’s truly the most fun you can have in the Colorado high country.  All women ages 18 and up are invited.  You do not have to be a registered Girl Scout, or have ever been to camp before.  It’s the most fun if cross-generational groups come - moms, grandmas, aunts, kids.  It’s also a good chance to invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors or past Girl Scout friends to join us in the great outdoors.  GSCO Board members and staff are always welcome!  

Dates:  July 25 - 29, 2024

First meal:  Lunch on Thursday

Last meal:  Brunch on Monday

Cost:  $300.00 for entire event or 

$80.00 for 3-meal part-time option

The theme for this year’s Women’s Week is “Toys and Games at Camp!”  Included in the list so far are kites, bubbles, hula hoops, parachute games, frisbees, card games, skits, singing games, Lemmie sticks and much more.  Archery is possible as well as the new Zip Line.  We’ll even have fun with food, guided by our great cooks.  

We’ll stay in the tabins in the units (wooden floors, wooden roofs and canvas sides).  We’ll cook out some meals in the units and eat some meals in the lodge.  

Of course, music is a huge part of every Women’s Week.  We’ll sing around the campfire, have special sessions to just sing, really we’ll be singing everywhere we go.  

Questions?  Contact the Very Informal Camp Director, Penny “Pan” Roberts,, 970 586 1775 or 970 473 1001.


The event is open to all women aged 18 years or older.  Bring friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.  Our ladies come from all over the country.  Our program is planned by us, and the schedule is flexible.  If you’d like to offer a program, bring your ideas and materials.  Archery and Zip line might be available.  

FOOD: Excellent, nutritious and fun meals will be cooked both in the lodge and outside and most dietary needs can be accommodated, just let us know.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are always available. 

HOUSING: We mostly stay in the tabins (wooden floors, wooden roofs and ½ canvas sides), in any of the units.  Wooden cots with mattresses are available.  But we have the whole camp available, so tents, RVs (without hookups) are welcome.  Some limited mobility accommodations can be made.  

WEATHER AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: No smoking in camp.  No pets allowed, except certified service dogs.  Elevation is 8500’ (take high altitude precautions).  Temperatures range from 45 - 85 degrees; cool in the mornings and evenings, warmer during the day.  Rain is likely, so be prepared.  Fire danger might limit cooking and campfire options.  Service projects are on tap to assemble and place 3 new memorial benches.  

WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite camp clothes, but importantly, good shoes/boots. Rain gear, hats, sunscreen. Day pack and water bottle.  Camp chair if you’d like   Sleeping gear (if you are traveling, we can provide you with bedding).  Musical instruments, songbooks, memorabilia, old photos, arts and crafts supplies.



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