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Why wait? Join now and take advantage of new extended year membership

New girls and volunteers are invited to join Girl Scouts now with the new extended year membership offer! Now when you sign your girl up for Girl Scouts this spring or summer, you can take advantage of the new extended year membership offer and get 17 months of Girl Scouts for $35 (new members only).

Now’s a great time to start a new troop! With the extended year membership, you can get your new troop going right now.  There’s no better way to kick off a great Girl Scout adventure then by starting off with some outdoor spring and summer fun! When school  opens up next fall, your girls will already have formed friendships, tried new things, and be ready to keep their Girl Scout journey going.

Troop leaders: It’s a great time to add new girls to your troop! Any new girls who sign up can purchase an extended year membership, join the troop on your spring and summer activities and keep the adventure going next fall.



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