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Where are the cookies?

Keep calm, Colorado has cookies! The rumors about not having enough cookies are just not true. We are excited that your girls are doing so well, and we have ordered more cookies which will arrive early next week. Based on last year’s sale and membership numbers, we estimated needing 3.4 million packages of cookies for the entire sale. There are currently 3.3 million packages of cookies out with volunteers and families in the state. This is without a doubt more inventory than we need to get through the first weekend of booth sales. The only way we are going to have a problem is if troops and families are keeping cookies that they will not need for this weekend. Please do not pick up enough cookies for what you optimistically will need for the next few weeks. Please don’t sit on cookies because that creates problems for everyone. Be a Girl Scout and share – ask your families to give your troop cupboard their excess inventory. Troops, take back extra inventory above what you need through the weekend to your cupboard. If everyone does this, we will have more than enough cookies. Thank you!!



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