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Volunteer Spotlight: Peggy Riordon

Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Peggy Riordon of Arvada in the Metro Denver region is a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Peggy to answer a few quick questions about her volunteer experience. We hope you find her as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

I wanted our daughter to have fun experiences and adventures with other girls.

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

I have been a troop leader for different troops for over 30 years. I was a service unit manager for nine years and planned many service unit events and camping experiences. I am the fall product program manager for two units, as well as the cookie service unit manager for two units. I have run the North JeffCo cookie cupboard for at least 26 years. 

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

I have learned many things about working with the girls. That is where my true passion lies. I have learned how to work with a variety of personalities to achieve the best outcomes. I have also learned more about organization and public speaking. 

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

I hope the girls have learned to trust in themselves and their abilities. I also hope they have learned how to get along with and work with different personalities and attitudes. The most important thing, I hope, is that they learn that each and every one of them is GREAT! They all have strengths they didn’t realize they had. They all have weaknesses that they learn how to overcome or acknowledge which also gives them the ability to work past them. 

How has your experience as a volunteer helped you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

When I started as a leader all those years ago, I never dreamed that I would wind up organizing trips and units. I was never a public speaker and now I speak in front of large groups of people without my voice shaking with every word. I have learned so much from the girls and they have filled my heart. Now, I try to share my experiences and the knowledge I have gained with other leaders in hopes that their experience with Girl Scouts will be as great as mine has been. 

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at



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