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Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Lampe

Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Ashley Lampe of Eaton in the Northern & Northeastern CO region is a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Ashley to answer a few quick questions about her volunteer experience. We hope you find her as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

I became a leader of my daughter’s troop during a leadership transition to ensure that all our girls could continue participating in Girl Scouts, doing things they love.

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

I’m a troop leader and TCM to a fantastic Cadette troop. Other than those specifics, I’ve helped at cookie pickup, the cookie cupboard, and as a mentor to others. Overall, I help where I can.

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

Girls have the courage and power to do whatever they want, but only to the capacity that we allow, so remember to remove the roadblocks and tear off the roof to allow them to reach their fullest potential.

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

I hope each and every girl has learned that they can do absolutely anything they set their mind to, not to be afraid to advocate for themselves, to stand their ground when they need to, and be able to do so in a meaningful and respectful manner.

How has your experience as a volunteer helped you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

Being a Girl Scout volunteer has tested my very being, in every capacity. I’ve stretched in ways I’ve never thought possible, have been more creative than I’ve ever been, and expanded in every direction. Molding and leading our future leaders doesn’t come with a cookie cutter manual, but requires flexibility and continual development to be the best I can be.

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at



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