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Troops 61187 and 62064 appreciate Park County Sheriff with cookies

Submitted by Elizabeth Moore


Denver Metro

After Officer Nate Carrigan was shot and killed within earshot of their school on February 24, Girl Scouts of troop 61187 knew they wanted to do something to thank the Park County Sheriff’s office for all their service. In an unusual move, they and sister troop 62064 added a second Hometown Hero in the middle of the sale and encouraged people to donate cookies in memory of Officer Carrigan.

The response was much better than expected! With only half a sale and a small community to ask, they still ended up with ten cases of cookies. The cookies were delivered five months later, on July 25. The officers were very grateful for the support. While they joked that they would eat all the cookies at once, one officer told the girls that they were great to keep in the car to give as a snack to stranded motorists.



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