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Troop Trip to See Juliette Gordon Low House

Members from Troop 16197 pose at the grave of Juliette Gordon Low

Members from Troop 16197 pose with a photo of Juliette Gordon Low

Hello, I'm a leader for Troop 16197 in Grand Junction. I just wanted to share an exciting trip we took with our Cadettes recently.

Since they were Daisy's our girls have been saving the money they earned from cookies and fall sales to fly back east and visit Juliette Gordon Low's house in Savannah. This year they made it and they even earned enough to stay a week! One of our girl's grandparents live on Harbor Island, SC and invited us to stay. The girls got some extra Southern hospitality!

Leaders from Troop 16197 pose at the grave of Juliette Gordon Low

Some of the highlights from the trip were: the JGL house tour, climbing to the top of a lighthouse, finding sea turtle nests on the beach, a marine science center tour, going to the Pen Center, playing in lots of water, and seeing a ton of South Eastern wildlife. We are proud leaders of these Girls and wanted to give them a shout-out. Thank you for ALL you do!


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Great job girls, just shows you what you can do when you set you mind to it!! Glad to hear you had such a good time!!!

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