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Toy Designer joins us on Inspiring Futures!

Joanna Paul is a mom, toy creator and entrepreneur whose passion to create a toy that would come to life for kids, came from watching her own kids play. She brainstormed, shared her idea with friends and family to get feedback, and pitched her idea to get it made. The result, a plush toy that comes as a stuffed dog, bear or cat, each with six facial expressions called Whatitsface!

She had no engineering education to build a toy that would allow for faces to turn and flip. So, her concept started with a sketch, the moved onto rough examples, then finally to a 3D printed model which she could then take to manufacturers to get an idea of pricing and production. Joanna also had to learn all about patent and trademark law, overseas manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and e-commerce. Wow!

Join us on January 26 to learn about how she moved through the process of toy creation and the steps entrepreneurs take to jumpstart their idea for a product or service into a reality!

Daisies will earn their Toy Business Designer Badge, Cadettes will hear from a Toy Designer (step 3). For everyone else – you’ll surely fulfill some Entrepreneur badge steps!

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