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The Importance of Donating Blood Gold Award Project by Elizabeth Myatt

Elizabeth planned and ran three blood drives to inspire people in her community to give back and understand the importance of donating blood. Working with the HOSA club at Sand Creek High School, she ensured that there would be annual blood drives through the school going forward.

Elizabeth shared her reflection about her project with us.

I chose my project because I was very passionate about the importance of donating blood. I wanted to encourage and educate others about why they should donate blood and why it's so important.

Completing my Gold Award has helped change and shape me in many ways. The main difference that I saw in myself was the amount of confidence I was able to gain from this project. I've noticed I'm more open and comfortable when it came to speaking up and opening up to others. This project has helped me gain more leadership skills and how to communicate better with others as well.

Being a Girl Scout for me, means to always help others and the community in any way I can. To always be friendly and kind to one another and to never judge someone for who they are. A Girl Scout for me, means to gain real life skills and learn new things with every adventure. To add the skills you've learned, and take them into your own life to become a better version of yourself.



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