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Teaching younger girls about the world for Silver Award

Submitted by Madison Hagan

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

In my Girl Scout troop there are a lot of younger girls, which is good for me because I love kids. For my Silver Award me and the other Cadettes in my troop met up with the leaders and had a brainstorming session where we came up with all kinds of activities for the younger girls in our troop. Then we decided to have an activity fair for them. There would be a narrative about girls from different countries all over the world. We printed out pictures from the narrative and ran them through the sticker maker. I made a Powerpoint about the countries from the narrative and did a walkthrough with the girls. They got little paper passports and logbooks that they put the stickers in throughout their adventure. After “visiting” every country the girls did an activity. Some activities were games from other countries and some included food or drinks from other countries. The girls earned three patches and finished a journey. By the end of the day the girls had books filled with stickers and new memories.

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