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STACK and IPI Women’s Leadership Summit experience by Alison Estrada

My name is Alison Estrada, and I am currently a Girl Scout Senior (soon to be Girl Scout Ambassador!) in Troop 62816. Recently, I was able to complete the STACK Patch Program, which talks about the concept of cloud technology, brings into light all the hard work that goes into maintaining the Internet and all its apps, and introduces the people that are behind it: STACK and IPI, who partnered with Girl Scouts of Colorado to create this program! Because of this, I was honored with the opportunity to travel to the 3rd Annual STACK and IPI Women’s Leadership Summit on May 2nd in Fort Worth, Texas and talk about my experience with the program and its importance to young girls today. 

In Fort Worth, I was asked questions about the patch program, its importance to Girl Scouts, struggles I had faced as someone who has been wanting to go into a STEM related job or field, and tips I had for other young girls who were interested in STEM just like I was.

This Summit was a chance to recognize the women who worked at STACK and IPI and helped keep it running, especially because they are both relatively young companies where women in STEM play crucial roles! From accounting, to client satisfaction, to computer engineers everyone played a part and it was such a welcoming environment of girls supporting each other in their dreams and in getting their goals. I encourage girls interested in STEM and girls not interested in STEM to complete this patch program and to keep going in Girl Scouts until the end of high school! The amount of skills you learn, talents you get to better, and doors that will open to you make it all worth it in the end.



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