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Smart Cookie: March 2, 2022

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Girl Scouts of Colorado Smart Cookie

Congratulations to the cookie video contest winners!First Place- 200 Cookie Credits Girl Scout Peyton from Denver plans to use her winnings to go on fun outdoor adventures.

“Thank you for helping my troop fund our fun! We want to go camping, horseback riding and rock climbing with our cookie money. Selling cookies lets me practice my people skills.” Second Place- 100 Cookie Credits Girl Scout Maible  from Longmont plans to use her winnings to buy supplies from the Girl Scout store for her troop.

“I love being a Girl Scout because I have the opportunity to participate in fun activities and adventures. Our adventures have been limited by COVID, but we still did a lot of cool stuff this year, from fishing and crawdadding outings to a clinic in competitive jump roping. I am saving some cookie funds to go to camp and take a big Girl Scout trip in the coming years. My goal this year is 1,000 boxes and to break my personal record to collect more than 185 boxes for our hometown hero Our Center in Longmont.”

Third Place- 50 Cookie Credits Girl Scout Evelyn from Durango plans to use her winnings to do more fun Girl Scout activities with her troop.

“Evelyn is truly LOVING her first year of Girl Scouts. This Troop has been such an amazing way for her to connect with the girls in her class. They have been incredibly welcoming, and literally pile around her in a huge hug every time she comes! I love how excited she has gotten about sharing about all of the cookies, her goal is to sell 250 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.” – Evelyn’s mom

Denver7 helps troop impacted by Marshall FireSeveral Girl Scouts in Louisville lost their homes in the Marshall Fire. Despite not having neighborhoods to sell them in, the girls decided they still wanted to sell cookies. That’s when Denver7 Gives stepped in to help.

Digital Cookie Orders

Check in with Girl Scout families and ask the following:

  1. Have all girls in your troop have approved any pending in-person delivery orders?

  2. Have (parents/caregivers/girls) communicated with customers regarding any in-person delivery orders that have not been fulfilled and let them know the status of their order?

  3. Have all approved in-person delivery orders have been delivered?

If a parent does not have cookies in hand to fulfill an order, TCMs should use the Cookie Exchange (or regional Girl Scout Facebook groups) to get cookie inventory to fulfill remaining delivery orders.

If you are not able to get cookies to fulfill an order, please let your SUCM know immediately, so that council can cancel the order and refund the customer.

Parents/caregivers can turn off cookie varieties in Digital Cookie that they do not have. They can also turn off the girl-delivery customer option. Digital Cookie Tip Sheet: Delivery and Cookie Settings

Shipped and donated cookie purchases through the Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie website will remain open until March 13.COOKIE RESOURCES

Gift of Caring, Cookie Exchange, and Hometown Hero cookiesWe have already recorded 80,000+ Gift of Caring donations this season! In addition to Marshall Fire helpers, heroes, and community, these cookies will go to military serving overseas, health care workers, and food banks in our communities. These cookies will not come out of your inventory. They will be baked and distributed after the cookie program is over. Participating in GOC is a great way to help your girls push to reach their goals without inventory in hand. Troops with Hometown Heroes (HTH) should either set aside troop cookie inventory to fulfill their HTH donations or check the Cookie Exchange and help other troops in your area by picking up HTH cookies needed from the Cookie Exchange. The difference this year as opposed to previous years, is that there will not be any cookie inventory left at cupboards at the end of the cookie program to fulfill HTH donations. If troops have some cookies to fulfill HTH donations, but not all, the designation of donations must then be split between HTH and GOC in eBudde. If a troop has more inventory on hand that they would like to transfer to another troop, they should post it on the Cookie Exchange. Troops also have the option of selling remaining cookies until April 30.

Cookie Contests and Special Patches

When Girl Scouts make a contactless delivery to a customer, they can earn a custom, “Porch Pixie” patch! Steps to earning the Porch Pixie patch:

  1. Set up your online cookie storefront in Digital Cookie, invite customers to order cookies, and approve girl-delivery orders.

  2. Communicate with the customer and coordinate a date and time to deliver the cookies. (If delivery date/time changes, remember to communicate change with customer!)

  3. Have your parent or caregiver take a photo of you making your “Porch Pixie” delivery.

  4. Complete the Porch Pixie form, attach the delivery photo, and submit by the deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 8 p.m. Be sure to include your contact information and troop number, Cookie Program goals, and your Hometown Hero.

Bling Your Booth Voting Deadline – March 4, 9 a.m.

Go to the #BlingYourBooth album on the GSCO Facebook page, and hit the “like” button to cast your vote :

  1. First Prize: 200 Cookie Credits

  2. Second Prize: 100 Cookie Credits

  3. Third Prize: 50 Cookie Credits

If you have questions, please email Hannah Gutkind, Girl Scouts of Colorado public relations manager, at

Booth Sales Patch

New this year! Girl Scouts who sell cookies at council or booths can earn an adorable koala 2022 Booth Sale patch! No need to fill out a form to receive the patch. However, troop cookie managers must allocate booth cookie sales by using the booth recorder in eBudde, in order for Girl Scouts get the patch. Find the Record Booth Sales Tip Sheet here.

Share Your StoryWant to share your Girl Scout story with the media, including TV stations, newspapers, and radio stations in your area? Be sure to reach out to GSCO Public Relations Manager Hannah Gutkind  at before contacting the media. She can help you (and your girls) get ready to really shine in interviews about cookies, Highest Awards projects, and more!

Cookie Program proceedsPlease remember troop members share in the proceeds from a successful product program; proceeds aren’t distributed to individual girl members. Girls are eligible for rewards and Cookie Credits that they put toward council-sponsored camps, programs, and items in the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop.



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