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Sky High Legends – Leave Your Legend at Camp!

Have you ever wanted to leave a legacy?  Are you creative, and Pinterest is your version of Candy Land?  During SH18 Sky High Legends, you will spend the week building and designing all kinds of large and small permanent craft projects at Sky High Ranch.  The activities will be decided by the girls when they get to camp, and here are some exciting examples of what they may decide to create:

This camp is a chance for older girls (high school ages) to gain useful practical life skills with tools and planning, while exercising their creativity.  With popular small-business opportunities such as Etsy and Pinterest, girls will broaden their preconceptions about what running a small business looks like.  The world of high-quality, hand-made and repurposed crafts and projects is gaining popularity and camp is a great place to hone that skill set!

In addition to learning these valuable skills, girls will gain a sense of ownership and responsibility at Sky High Ranch.  They will need to work hard to ensure that their project is sustainable and of good quality to survive camp for years to come.  Hard work and dedication can go a long way in helping develop a girl’s sense of accomplishment and value in herself.  Leave a legacy today!

This and many other Resident (at Sky High Ranch and Tomahawk Ranch), Day, Troop and Family Camp sessions are available through Girl Scouts of Colorado this summer. Learn more about our summer camp sessions and register your girl today!



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