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Second year brings the cookie out in Dad

Submitted by Jennifer Knapp

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

This is our daughter’s second year selling cookies and this year Rick has been one amazing cookie Dad! From bringing cookies when we were running out, to braving the bad weather, to driving and being at the booth with Callie helping with money management and selling to reach her goal. The greatest story of this season is when he started his “My Guy and I” booth at a furniture store on a Sunday with horrible roads and heavy snow. There was a lead for a grocery store so in a matter of minutes Rick and Callie tore down and packed up in the car to get down to the store so she would have as much time as she could to sell at the new location. They then set back up and sold more cookies than expected on such a bad weather day. He did booths and even took her on a walkaround when I became ill and unable to take her. Callie and Rick worked together to get her goal accomplished and did so with little complaint. Callie and myself are so very proud to call Rick our Cookie Dad and can’t wait for year 3 with him!

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